Hi Mala! I just wanted to add a note about the Pickering Reading Circle.

The Pickering Reading Circle stresses importance of reading to children from an early age. It fosters the love of reading in a child and how it can change their life. I think today we have many busy parents and often children don’t have an older person they can look up to, someone to read to them out loud. The Pickering Reading circle gets passionate volunteers to read to kids and listen to them read – helping them improve their own reading abilities. Being a volunteer for this program is extremely self-rewarding because you are fostering the love of reading in a child and can change their life by introducing them to a new series, new genre, new story,or new adventure to read about. Through this program we can educate the future through literature and by practising these listening, reading and writing skills, we have the power to make a difference as these children grow up to be potential world changers.


Sumaiyah Shihipar 🙂

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