The Pickering Reading Circle offer FREE literacy support for school aged children. Our programs are offered in partnership with the Pickering Public library.

We offer an environment for learning and improving literacy in both English and French. We are helping students to reach their highest potential by strengthen their foundational skills. Every child deserved the opportunity to aim for their fullest potential.

Through workbooks and training, our partners/volunteers will engage children in developing their verbal, phonetic, written, and comprehension skills.

Our program is proven, inexpensive, effective, and efficient in promoting proficiency in literacy, improvement in confident and self-esteem. We offer an opportunity for giving back to members in the community.

We serve:

  • school aged children who need to improve their literacy skills
  • school aged children, newly arrived to Canada from countries impacted by famine, war, and genocide
  • high school students, with a wide range of learning exceptionalities
  • youth and adult who have learning exceptionalities
  • youth and adults who need to improve their literacy skills
  • Youth will be engaged in developing the literacy and life skills needed to find and sustain a job, pursue a career, and learn basic financial literacy skills to manage their earnings.