Millions of children and youths around the world and here in Canada struggle with efficiency in foundational skills like literacy and numeracy. Because of social stigma, cultural beliefs and low self-esteem they struggle in silence, feeling confused and ashamed about being unable to learn, unable to understand instructions, and unable to do homework. These are children who although they travel through the school system, struggle to get ahead or stay afloat. As these children grow up, or choose to move into higher education pathways their low literacy skills will further hinder them in learning and understanding information essential to daily life. These are the young students, youths and adults who miss out on information that could lead to opportunities, help them develop confidence, boost their self-esteem, improve their health and well-being or empower them to live productive, fulfilling and safe lives.

If you believe that every child, every Canadian child has the right and deserves the best opportunities to learn and develop their foundational skills in literacy and numeracy – how to read and write and work with numbers, if you want to be a part of the change, help plant the roots of learning proficiency in Canada and the world for children who needs your help— please take this opportunity to sponsor our programs. Hundreds of children have been helped so far through The Pickering Reading Circle but there are thousands more who still need your help.

Volunteer today, help a child improve their Literacy or Numeracy skills or make a donation to our organization in support of our work.