In November 2013 the Pickering Reading Circle launched its Math Circle. Our goal is to promote a love for Math. We would like to dispel the myth that math is very difficult. Our volunteers are high school students who love math and believe that all students can learn to understand and therefore, love math. These are students who participate in math competitions and because of their love for the subject are reaching out to help other students learn to love and excel in math.

The Pickering Reading Circle through the Math Circle provide group mentoring for Grade 1 to Grade 9. The program has been running successfully for over a year and we have seen student go from saying “math is too difficult” or “I don’t like doing math” to loving the process of learning and conquering math.

Our volunteers are our greatest assets, without volunteers their would not be a program for the students who need the help. If you would like to be a part of the positive revolution. If you would like to help us change the perception that math is difficult then come volunteer with the Pickering Reading Circle. Email us at


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